We are past proving whether we are connected; the real issue is how can we feel connected?

As an artist I seek to draw attention to moments because we are forgetting to notice them. Many of my projects involve tech because using microcontrollers and sensors creates an immediate awareness, especially in the case of wearables. In fact, I think our bodies are becoming more and more out of touch to the point we are losing our physical awareness. It is ironic that using electrical gadgets helps us to reconnect.

I also seek to draw attention to environmental issues because we are scared to face them, Most of the dangers faced by living beings is the destruction of natural resources and the reduction of biodiversity. Tech is helpful in measuring these changes, but often natural materials need to be used for outdoor installations in order to preserve living things. This split of materials actually represents my own struggle with the natural and technical world we live in. So, in creating my work, I am learning about balance, and the complicated truths of an issue.

How did I get here? My past is filled with many careers, from doing educational work at a zoo, writing and performing theatre, and even producing public television. However, my life was forever changed when I attended WIRED magazine’s NEXTFest in 2006. I started to experiment with soft circuits, and eventually had a workshop with Leah Buechley, the inventor of the Lilypad Arduino. I was smitten, and my love of electronics led me to wins with my teams at NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge for two wearable tech projects, as well as a competition for Adafruit and Element 14 for my Florabrella color changing umbrella.

Currently I create projects and tutorials for Adafruit, a DIY electronics company in New York promoting education. I also blog about wearables for Make, Adafruit, Element 14 and Hackster.io. My hangout is hackerspace Hive76, and yes, I love Star Wars and Star Trek–don’t make me choose.