Steampunk OLED Cameo – Wearable Tech



This cameo necklace came from a curiosity of using an OLED screen for jewelry, particularly because it works in b&w. The owner can load their own bitmap images of loved ones creating the modern version of the Victorian classic. The challenge in this piece was hiding the wiring and battery, which was accomplished by creating a casing from the ribbon. For some pics of tiny wires see my tutorial.

Future Possibilities

If you’ve toured a graveyard recently you know they are doing laser etched stones which show a photograph of a loved one. I think the idea of a necklace with moving images is also a nice way to keep the memory of someone. As speakers become smaller it may be possible to also embed a sound byte.

The OLED screen may also have value for babies that start off in the world first noticing the colors black, white and red. The screen could be placed in the top of an arched activity gym to display certain shapes or simple emotional faces like smile, frown etc.