Conductive Bookmark – Tech Art

LED Bookmark


This was created in a workshop with Leah Buechley, inventor of the Lilypad Arduino. We created journals using conductive tape and surface-mount LEDs. I invented a bookmark that when held over the positive and negative traces, would complete a circuit. It uses both copper tape and conductive thread (for the tassel). The advantage is that you can include many pages of circuits while only using one battery in the bookmark for power. Incidentally, this was the first time I had ever worked with soldering surface-mount LEDs, and it took me so long to complete the task that I finally created the humorous statement about going to bed as my “story” for the day. Later in the week I ended up creating a Musical Spider’s Web, so it was all worth it.

Future Possibilities

The idea of a modular power system seems most needed when dealing with power tools where you need to be cordless. However, it seems like it also may be useful in a spaceship or outer world colony where you don’t have much room and need to accomplish multiple tasks without the burden of many devices. Much like a sonic toothbrush, you could create a system that uses one type of base with many different attachments that could be as handy for cleaning as it would be for cooking, lighting and data work.